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Laboratory and In-Field Technologies for Scale, Wax, Corrosion and Microbiology   

Cathodic Protection (CP) and Flooded Member Detection (FMD) surveys of Subsea Pipelines and Structures


PMAC provide a controlled wax flow loop flowing hot crude oil into a test coil mounted within a refrigerated water bath. The automated unit is controlled from a PC running labview software that remotely controls the hot plate stirrer and thus the oil temperature at the inlet to the water bath, refrigerated bath temperature and the flow rate via the pump.

The software also records flow, inlet oil temperature, oil temperature in the coil and differential pressure against time. The System comes complete with single headed peristaltic pump built in to a main panel with individual power supply. Oil temperature is logged and controlled from a Pt100 probe at the inlet to the water bath, assuring test Integrity. The main panel also has local displays for Flow rate, Oil Temperature and differential pressure. The system comes with 1m x 1/8 in test coils as standard. The Hotplate Stirrer and water bath are mounted to either side of the main panel. The unit can be set to automatically cool the hot plate once a test is complete.