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Large Scale Deployment of SpotOn U Systems in India

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The Process Measurement and Control Group (PMAC) have just completed a project in India, which involved the installation of a large number of SpotOn U non-intrusive corrosion monitoring systems. The systems were installed on oil & gas pipelines ranging from 24” to 42” diameter at two key onshore receiving terminals.

Although the client was monitoring the offshore side of the pipelines with probes & coupons, there were no access points available to actively monitor conditions at the onshore terminal. Hot-tapping was not seen as a desirable option, so the client chose a non-intrusive solution which could be deployed under normal operating conditions.

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On this occasion, the client requested that the monitoring sensors be installed as an array, providing both top and bottom of line coverage. The systems simple clamp-on design will also allow the sensors to be relocated to different positions when desired.​

Although numerous data acquisition options are available for the SpotOn systems (Wi-Fi, satellite, GSM), this particular application called for wall thickness readings to be stored in an SD card equipped logger, with data being downloaded to a hand held device periodically.

The campaign was completed safely and on schedule, with training on how to install and operate the systems also provided to local field technicians.