PMAC have extensive expertise in the use of Mechanical, Hydraulic and Retractable Retrieval systems, with field Engineers/Technicians having many years worldwide experience in their safe operation. PMAC use field proven monitoring technologies and techniques to suit a wide variety of applications.

We utilise equipment & technologies from numerous manufacturers and apply them based on our client's specific requirements. This may be traditional corrosion coupon monitoring through to high sensitivity Electrical & Linear Polarization Resistance data logging.

All retrieval systems can be deployed with Double Block Service Valves for enhanced safety during retrieval operations and are suitable for pressures up to 6000psi. Our field services can be delivered worldwide and follow stringent safe working practices, procedures and risk assessments.

Cathodic Protection (CP) and Flooded Member Detection (FMD) surveys of Subsea Pipelines and Structures


Laboratory and In-Field Technologies for Scale, Wax, Corrosion and Microbiology   

Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring is the practice of directly measuring the corrosivity of process stream conditions by the use of "Probes" or “Coupons”, which are inserted into the process stream where they are continuously exposed to flow conditions.

A variety of Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring techniques and devices are widely available and are normally selected based on the specific application or desired area of assessment. Techniques commonly used in the Oil & Gas industry range from simple but effective weight loss coupons, through to high sensitivity electrical resistance (ER) probes. The latest 20bit ER systems are able to detect very small corrosion rate changes (less than 1mpy) in minutes, which make intrusive systems unrivalled where on the spot decision making is required.

Intrusive monitoring devices are generally mounted into access points or “fittings” which were installed during initial facility commissioning or retro-fitted during facility lifecycle. Intrusive monitoring devices are widely available from numerous manufacturers and can be removed and replaced safely on-line, out with facility shutdown/turnaround. 



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