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The Field Corrosion Sidestream is designed for dynamic measurement of corrosion rates under flowing conditions in the absence of online/Intrusive systems. The standard systems typically operate at pressures of either 100 or 400 bar, although a low-pressure system is available in polycarbonate.

The HP systems are typically manufactured in a stainless steel frame or carrying case incorporating between 2-4 test cells, a flow indicator and integral system control valves. Cells are machined to accept either ½ or ¾" NPT probes. Optional chemical dosing pump can be fitted to allow for Field evaluation of inhibitors.


Cathodic Protection (CP) and Flooded Member Detection (FMD) surveys of Subsea Pipelines and Structures


Corrosion monitoring is via ER or LPR Probes, connected to a portable hand held device or in-built data-logger. A variety of manufacturers probes & logging systems can be utilised with PMAC sidestream's, the choice is up to the end user.

The sidestream is ideal for determination / measurement of corrosion rates, the evaluation of the efficiency of corrosion inhibitors in the field or process plant where intrusive equipment has not been installed. One of the main advantages of Sidestream monitoring is the ability to rapidly deploy the unit between various process systems, increasing the overall value of investment.

Laboratory and In-Field Technologies for Scale, Wax, Corrosion and Microbiology