Due to increased global activity, PMAC are currently recruiting for a number of entry level and experienced positions within our Subsea inspection department. PMAC Inspection specialise in Subsea Cathodic Protection (CP) and Flooded Member Detection (FMD).

These are permanent roles, with successful candidates also benefiting from company pension and life insurance schemes.

Please submit all CV's to Mr Gareth Allan

Onshore Reports Writer

30-40 hours per week - Onshore

As part of our ongoing projects, our offshore engineers produce large amounts of data sets, which are sent onshore for analysis, charting and report production. 

Work duties shall include:

  • Receiving data sent in by the offshore engineers
  • Correctly organising the data storage within the quality system
  • Correlating all data sets against several sources
  • Editing and processing of recorded data sets based on calibration results
  • Charting and analysis of processed data
  • Report writing based on results, using existing templates and defined industry criteria.

​While previous subsea inspection experience would be beneficial, relevant training shall be provided

 Key skills shall include:

  • Working with Microsoft Office templates, styles, headers and charts
  • Attention to detail
  • Organisational skills
  • Ability to prioritise and work to deadlines
  • Good communication
  • Coherent and concise style of writing
  • Basic IT Support

 Salary £20,000 - £28,000 based on experience

Trainee Technician (CP &FMD)

40 hours per week workshop based - Periodic offshore visits

Entry level position requiring basic skills attained through on the job training. No previous work experience required and would suit school or college leaver.

Responsibilities may require the application of basic organizational or technical knowledge, operation of simple equipment or performing routine tasks. Very little independent decision making with regular supervision from senior members of staff.

The Trainee CP & FMD Technician shall primarily work onshore initially, with the opportunity to work offshore upon successful attainment of required skills. Tertiary education preferred but not required.

Salary £TBA

Field Technician (CP &FMD)

Offshore and Onshore based

Requires basic skills acquired through some previous work experience, training and/or completion of related external training.

Responsibilities may require the application of basic organizational and technical knowledge, operation and accountability for more complex equipment or performing routine tasks. Some independent decision making shall be required, with oversight from senior personnel directly or from office support staff.

Works onshore and offshore. Typically only trained and able to operate a single inspection technique. Can analyse and process data along with preparation of reports for internal review.

Salary £TBA

Senior Field Technician (CP &FMD)

Offshore and Onshore based

​Highly Developed specific skills, significant work experience and/or completion of related upper-level external training such as (NACE, CSWIP). Expected to be capable of confidently performing at least two core inspection tasks/roles.

Responsibilities will include data processing, analysis and report writing, cross checking of reports and data from others, independent supervision or coordination of individual work scopes involving complex equipment or analysis of data.

Other responsibilities can include regular supervision of junior level employees and limited on site supervision.

Salary £TBA


T: +44 (0)1224 703032

​T: +65 6214 3990